June 2020 Wrap Up

This is going to be a pretty brief wrap up. I didn't read a whole lot this month, and some of the books I did read were short. I wish I had read lots of queer stuff for pride month, but the truth is I rarely plan my reading to coincide with current events or readathons, and I wasn't in the mood to read very often.

June Buys & Borrows & Free Books

In my last Buys & Borrows, I covered my favorite online retailers for new and used books, a few indie bookstores, and my love for Hoopla. This month I have a few more stores to talk about, and several small presses! (And also, more love for Hoopla) HAYMARKET BOOKS Haymarket is a small press that … Continue reading June Buys & Borrows & Free Books

Things to Read About Books (That Aren’t Books)

I feel like doing something to highlight pieces about fiction, separate from my posts about good fiction I've read. So that's what this is, a simple roundup of well-written analysis and commentary from around the internet. Hopefully this draws your attention to some fiction you might want to read, and/or cool people around the internet … Continue reading Things to Read About Books (That Aren’t Books)

Book Review || The Kingdom of Liars by Nick Martell

Thanks to Netgalley for providing me with this arc. The fact that they gave it to me has clearly not resulted in favoritism. Sometimes you see what looks like a cool fantasy book on Netgalley and you're like, Awesome! Why hadn't I heard of this before? Maybe you get hooked by one specific worldbuilding aspect … Continue reading Book Review || The Kingdom of Liars by Nick Martell

Pride Flag Book Recs

Charlotte and Anna of Reads Rainbow made this wonderful post of book recs based on the symbolization of Gilbert Baker’s pride flag, and encouraged people to use it as a tag if we want. So here I am, because I love this idea! Thank you for creating it!

The Generification of Artemis Fowl

I didn't expect the Artemis Fowl movie to be good, but I also didn't expect myself to care why it wasn't good, you know? I thought my friend and I would have an enjoyable night watching it, nitpicking gleefully, and shouting at the screen when it got particularly egregious. And we did! But the movie didn't immediately evaporate from my brain afterwards, as I expected.

Instead, we finished watching and I found myself still thinking about how it fucked up. To be more specific, about how it managed to be so generic.

A Long Walk Through Dark Woods: Slow YA Fantasy Novels

I love slow fantasy books. I just don't care if nothing plotty is happening, as long as I love the world it's not happening in and the characters it's not happening to. I'm far more likely to say a book was boring if stuff was happening but I didn't care about the characters involved, than if nothing was happening in a really cool setting. The first is tedious, and often tries to force too much on the reader at once. The second just lets you enjoy where you are—traveling through a magical wood haunted by the fae, traversing a kingdom defined by the myths of Gods who are all too real, or exploring an opulent city built on silk and jewels and ancient grudges.

So raise a glass to the slow fantasy books that take a long while to get going, or are lowkey the entire time, or are more about one girl's mental health than the fact that it takes place in fantasyland! You are loved, appreciated, and rec'd below.