2022 Pride Recs

Hello and welcome back to our newest program, Abi Remembers This Blog Exists! That's a lie, it's actually a rebranding of our extremely old program, Abi Feels Guilty About Never Using This Blog. Whatever. Guilt isn't productive. You know what is? Sharing my favorite queer reads of this year so far!

Stamp of Approval || Open Mic Night at Westminster Cemetery

This is the second post in a new series I'm doing, as I explained in my last post, called Stamp of Approval. In this series I share books I've enjoyed recently alongside stamps I've carved based off them. This series might take over my blog entirely for a little bit, as stamp carving is the creative outlet I've been using recently, so I hope you're ready to see a whole lot of ink.

January 2021 Wrap Up

This month I read six books, one of which was a graphic novel and a reread. The rest were split between fantasy and nonfiction. No mind-blowing books this month, unfortunately. Most of them were uniformly good but not 5 star material, which makes it hard to order them from worst to best.